APAC Head of Marketing, Brands & E-commerce
Reynold D’ Silva
APAC Head of Marketing, Brands & E-commerce
True digital transformation means going beyond just marketing and e-commerce. Mobile-isation, Personalization, Automation and Intelligence are disrupting entire industries and Facebook is at the epicentre of these new waves of change. I lead initiatives to envision how companies can leverage these waves of change to: * Get foresight into the future of business, marketing and commerce. * Find new sources of growth. * Design frictionless user experiences for game-changing business value.   In my current role at Facebook, I lead future insight, digital transformation and marketing initiatives for brands and e-commerce at Facebook Asia-Pacific. I work with a team of mobile marketing experts, data scientists, ad tech solution builders and creative innovators to help brands and businesses get ready for the future and create successful digital strategies and marketing campaigns. In previous roles, I’ve led Facebook’s FMCG, Tech, Telco, Media and Entertainment practices in Southeast Asia.   INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT  
  • 2017 Keynote Speaker at Social Media Week Jakarta.
  • 2017 Keynote Speaker at the Macquarie ASEAN Internet Conference.
  • 2017 Keynote Speaker at Mobile Moves Brands in Philippines, Malaysia & Vietnam.
  • 2015 Judge at the Singapore Effie Awards.
  • 2015 Speaker at the ASEAN CMO Round Table.
  • 2013 Speaker at the China CMO Round Table.
  • 2011 and 2009 Speaker at the Social Networking World Forum.
  • 2011 Judge for the World Advertising Research Council Asia Prize.
  • 2017 From TVC to Pocket TVC: How minds are engaged differently on mobile and how brands should adapt. Thought leadership for the World Advertising Research Council. http://bit.ly/2pOoJN5
  • 2016 The Coming Wave of E-commerce: Strategies for consumer product brands based on shopper mindsets. Op-ed for Campaign Asia. http://bit.ly/2f3VyNN
  • 2016 The ABCDs of Mobile Advertising: Insights from human-computer-interaction research to account for shorter consumer attention spans and paths to purchase. Op-ed for Campaign Asia. http://bit.ly/2pn9RDT